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About Madern

Madern is an international company specialized in engraving techniques and the manufacturing of precision tools and machinery for the cardboard packaging industry. We consistently invest in our employees as well as in state-of-art production facilities. As a result of our commitment to quality, innovation and belief in the value of our employees we have become one of the leading companies within our industry.

Madern recognize the contribution of each employee to the overall company result. Our goal is to create a strong and positive employee relationship and job satisfaction for all. We help our employees take on an active role and participate in training, quality and safety programs. We encourage opportunities to grow within in our organization.

More information:

Madern International B.V.

Human Resources department

Vikingbank 1

3133KX Vlaardingen

The Netherlands

P: +31 (0)10 248 54 60
F: +31 (0)10 248 99 20
E: pz@madern.com

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