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Madern Industries – a new journey has started

Madern Industries – a new journey has started

As announced in February 2023, CSi packaging industry B.V. (now Madern Automation) and The Madern Group (now Madern Tooling) have merged. This will reinforce the group’s presence and its technological and commercial excellence. A new journey has started and we are looking forward to a bright future. Both parties are currently concentrating their efforts on achieving a successful integration as Madern Industries, combining Madern Automation and Madern Tooling. Also, news logos have been launched to celebrate the merger. Together we can provide a high level of systems and tooling including service to our customers and this collaboration will boost our technological development.


"New logos!"

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Capitalizing strengths of two companies

The combination of these companies joins together two portfolios of technical expertise. CEO of Madern Industries Mark van de Klundert: “We have been partners for more than 15 years and serve for a great part already the same customers. The machines are placed inline behind each other so we can do a good coordination. We talked a lot about the market and Jean Madern and I are both business owners. The market already knows us and that helps with further decision-making. Now we can take our joint strategy even further and make decisions about the future together. This way we can continue the Madern company in a sustainable way.”




What changes with the merger

Little or nothing will change for the staff. The automation systems will remain in Raamsdonksveer and the tooling in Vlaardingen. The focus is really on the customer and the questions that come from the industry. We are collaborating even more intensively in the areas of sales, purchasing and management. The techniques are further developed separately at the two locations. In the coming period, more and more coordination will be sought with each other in order to strengthen our position as market leader. Our company is certainly a forerunner when it comes to capacity. New developments are marketed in consultation. We are now a unity for customers for a complete product line. Also when it comes to the service and support of the machines. Purchasing individual parts is of course still possible. We have a development agenda for the automation process and cutting machines. In this way we can always offer quality and continue to grow as a company.


For customers

Customers previously had to purchase from two parties. All interfacing and timing was self-determined. Now we are one company and the customer has one less thing to worry about. Together we can now offer one proposition. Madern Automation and Madern Tooling have both been committed to offering the highest quality, most advanced products in the folding carton / liquid packaging converting space. In the near future we will provide further information and practical details to those involved.

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