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Sustainable development goals with rotary converting solutions

Sustainable development goals with rotary converting solutions

At Madern we see an increase in the demand for cardboard packaging. Many manufacturers of food and beverage transition from plastic and aluminum to carton – a more eco-friendly way of packaging. There is a growing focus on sustainability and overall reduction in the use of plastic. Our rotary converting solutions are primarily focused on converting printed cardboard, and innovation and sustainability are important brand pillars.

Drive sustainability

We like to stay up-to-date on industry development and trends to support our customers in their search for a sustainable solution for their packaging production. They look for alternatives for current packaging or want to improve current converting systems to drive sustainability. These improvements and changes will contribute to the bigger picture: the transition from plastics to more sustainable packaging materials.

Continuous workflow

Businesses that focus on innovation and tech make the most in terms of return on their investments. Our experience allows us to produce custom-made solutions for cutting and creasing folding cartons. For example: to make a pizza box the traditional way, you need multiple steps to process the cardboard. Without a continuous workflow, you also experience more waste. Our Rotary Die Cutter (RDC) are executed with the latest electronic servo drive technology. Our customers process cardboard more efficiently – without the usual amount of waste.

Break-even point

The modular design principle of our machines increases the capability of customization, taking into account customer specific requirements. Also, Madern developed a break-even analysis as a financial calculation that weighs the costs of a new Rotary Die Cutter compared to the conventional way against the unit price. This is different for each customer. We invite our customers to calculate the break-even point together in order to develop more insight in the investment. Investing in a more sustainable way of working optimizes production and lowers labor costs.

Sustainable development goals

We like to set an example for our customers in sustainable development approaches. There are 1500 solar panels on top of our building to generate a significant amount of our annual energy use. Next to that, we choose to only use LED lighting and dispose of our residual materials in an environmentally friendly manner. The leftover steel can be reused for other purposes.

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