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Engraving specialist

Engraving specialist

Madern is an all-around specialist in the field of engraving techniques, including relief engraving. Despite the shift in the core business to the manufacturing of rotary tools and converting solutions for the cardboard packaging industry, Madern still cherish its engraving department and maintains it’s status as engraving specialist.
Madern works on small, big and complex projects for a variety of industries and customers in Europe. From simple 2D engraved machine plates and measure instruments to special custom-made engraving services.

On the photo’s you can see a special plaque that we recently engraved for the developers of a radar tower – Syb van Breda & Co. The plaque is made of RVS 316, has a diameter of 1200 mm and many details – a challenging task but with the end result shown, we proudly can say it has become a nice piece of engraving.

Both the radar tower and the engraved plaque can be seen on the Maasvlakte 2.

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