Medical industry

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AJB Instrument B.V. is the leading expert in processing pro specific material. The requirements for this material are characteristic for the manufacturing of medical components and instruments. Stainless steel–titanium–tantalum and high-quality plastics, usually processed from solid material. AJB also makes materials for ophthalmic surgery, orthopaedics and for ultrasonic examinations. AJB can manufacture every desired specification.

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Semicon & analytical industry

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The semicon and analytical industry is an extremely important customer group for AJB Instrument B.V. AJB manufactures primarily at their 5-axis processing centres, including - using automation - extremely complex products. No component leaves the factory without having undergone a 100% inspection in AJB's climate-controlled measuring room.

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Aeropsace industry

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We often never see these components again, after they have been built into a satellite. But they do continue to function. These extremely complicated components can only be manufactured using the combined processing possibilities of AJB Instrument B.V., including CNC turning, 5-axis milling and spark and wire erosion machining.

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Automotive industy

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Braking or accelerating. In both cases, you want your vehicle to respond well and reliably. High-quality tools manufactured by AJB Instrument B.V. are part of this manufacturing production cycle.

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Petrochemical industry

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There are a large number of petrochemical companies in Europort, and together they form an extremely important group of customers for AJB Instrument B.V. Rapid delivery of high-quality products (including highly specialised couplings) manufactured on AJB's 11-axis turning/milling centre is a must in terms of keeping downtime of these continuously operating systems to a minimum.

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