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Mechanical hoist beam

  • RDC_M-720_1_detail.jpg
  • RDC_M-720_detail.jpg
  • mechanical-hoist_2.jpg
The mechanical hoist beam is the tool for hoisting of the tooling set during mounting or removal. These are certified parts and must not be damaged and always observe inspection date and test date.

Electrical transport cart

  • tool-cart-2.jpg
  • tool-cart-2_detail.jpg
  • electrical-transport-cart.jpg
The electrical transport cart is for the easy moving of your tooling set. Between your factory ground and storage for example.

Top frame docking station

  • top_frame_cart_3.jpg
The Madern top frame docking station is the transport facility for your RDC top frame. The docking station is for easy removal and mounting of the top frame on the correct position to the base frame. For stability and safety there is a safety pin to lock the top frame during transport.

Stripping unit docking station

  • stripping-unit-docking-station.jpg
Madern also has a transport facility for the stripping unit. The transport facility is for easy removal, mounting and transport of your stripping unit. Locking of the stripping unit on the docking station is possible during transport. 

Tool store rack

  • store-rack_tooling-set.jpg
The tool store rack is a transport and storage facility for all your tooling sets. Additional to the tool store rack we can offer a pallet truck for the transport of the rack and a hoist beam for placing and removal of the toolset.

Tool set-up table

  • tool-set-up-table.jpg
The tool set-up table gives you a stable surface for setting of the tool set and mounting assist for wrap-around plate(magnetic cylinder).

Tool make ready cart

  • tool-make-ready-cart.jpg
The Madern tool make ready cart consists of hand pump for hydraulic setting of force loading in the tooling set, digital display of force in deca-Newton(daN) and hydraulic cylinders with mounting on tie rod of the tooling set.
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