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New developments

New developments

April 2019

Rotary Die Cutting industry
Madern is at the cutting edge of the rotary die cutting industry. Our custom-made rotary dies are made to convert web-fed paperboard for: general folding, liquid packaging and tobacco packaging markets. Packaging applications include beverage cartons, breakfast cereals, coffee cups, fast food clam shells, consumer edibles, food service products, mailing boxes, much more.

Reduce plastic
Madern is poised to serve our customers during critical sustainable packaging develops. To reduce plastic and be more environmentally conscious, there is a rise in paper-based solutions and an increase in recycled boards. Madern has the experience and solutions to help solve the challenges of cutting and creasing packages with more recycled paper content.

Further optimize
Converters can now further optimize their packaging line’s performance by leveraging several of Madern’s RDC (Rotary Die Cutter) platforms. This can be achieved either in-line with a printing press or as a separate offline cutting system. Examples of these systems include the RiRo (Roll In Roll Out) and the REVO lines. These systems entail less capital expenditure, quicker change over, and more user friendly with greater accessibility. Our versatile RDC designs make great advancements in overall safety, speed, cost, efficiency, waste reduction and changeover times.