Crease measuring system

This Crease measuring system will give you the opportunity to analyse the creasing profile and setting in a precise way.

The advantages of the Madern system:

  • Exact data to adjust your toolset perfectly
  • Accuracy of the position measurement of the setting within 0,01 mm
  • Reliable data
  • Comparable data
  • A full measuring report, with all the results including:
    • Crease type
    • Crease depth, height and width
    • Thickness of board
    • Tool ID and project
    • Exact setting
  • The possibility to share the data via your network
  • An ideal system to help you to get your tool setting to a next level of reliability and precision.

The complete system contains the following equipment:

  • Desktopcomputer with all required equipment
  • Specific software
  • The measuring system:
    • Special camera
    • Frame
    • Cross table
    • Electronics
    • Cover
  • Including 250 lasercutted sample cards MD and CD from your board

Delivery time approx 4 - 6 weeks



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