Installation of a new Madern RiRo 1350 machine

During the past weeks, Madern replaced an existing rotary die cutter for a Madern RiRo 1350 RDC at one of our customers' locations in Asia. The rest of the line remained unchanged so we had to limit the down time as much as possible. With this goal in mind the Madern team was able to install a RIRO 1350 three station machine with the excellent support from our customer, within 2 weeks. Hereafter we could start straight away with the commissioning, so the customer was able to run commercial production immediately at 500 m/min web speed.

The picture shows you the result and the Madern team upon the successful completion of the job. (Software Engineer, Field Service Engineers, Global Service Manager Wim Jonckheer and Project Manager IJsbrand Dijkshoorn). Our Regional Manager Asia, Guido Leenknegt, comments:

We can look back on this project with great satisfaction, achieving the tight deadlines in regard to delivery -and installation time, thanks to an inspiring team effort. Once again Madern showed its commitment to deliver high quality output systems and tooling for the carton web-fed market combined with our well known service –and installation support. Madern makes the impossible possible!

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