RiRo, the next generation Rotary Die Cutters

We present to you our latest roll in / roll out RDC concept for 1450 mm wide web converting applications for a.o. liquid packaging and general folding packaging: The Madern Rotary Die-cutter RiRo-L 1450.

RiRo overall advantages

  • Lower initial machine investment
  • High performance
  • High overall efficiency
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Shorter job change-over times
  • Off line tool/gap adjustments
  • Resulting in higher  machine up-time

RiRo main features

  • Modular machine concept
  • Quick and ergonomic change-over
  • Upper & lower cylinders are mechanically coupled
  • Offline tool preparation
  • Complete enclosure (safety, noise reduction, capture dust)
  • RiRo general specifications
  • Web width 950 – 1.450 mm(even up to 1.650 mm with a RiRo 1650)
  • Production speed up to 600 M/MIN
  • Tool diameter range from 350 – 650 MM
  • Up to 3 converting stations
  • Suitable for cutting, creasing, embossing and punching process


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