The Madern Group Expands Footprint in the USA

The Madern Group Expands Footprint in the USA with the Acquisition of Weidenmiller Company

Madern Investments USA GP Welcomes Weidenmiller Company

ITASCA, IL – October 1, 2018 – The Madern Group announced that it has acquired Weidenmiller Co., a rotary tool and die manufacturer to the cookie, cracker, snack, and pet food industries. The purchase will expand The Madern Group’s footprint in the USA; with Weidenmiller Co., Evers international and Madern USA. Weidenmiller Co. will continue to operate as normal with all employees in Itasca, IL.

“Madern is a family run company that shares the same goals and values as we do. We conducted an extensive search to find a synergy like this. Madern exceeded our expectations as a worldwide company that we can integrate with to develop the next future of performing die rolls, enhanced release coatings, innovations, outstanding service, and customer care,” said Tom Weidenmiller, President of Weidenmiller.

“Our acquisition will create a more comprehensive and deeper infrastructure for the Madern Group bringing a wider range of expertise, know-how, quality and service. Both companies have highly qualified employees with substantial expertise allowing us to provide the customers with advanced engineering, faster response times and overall service. We are excited to expand our global footprint as we continue to grow in various markets and diversify.” said Jean Madern, CEO of The Madern Group.

About The Madern Group
Madern Investments USA GP is a multifaceted, multinational company with craftsmanship at the core of the business model. The family owned company finds its origin in flat and relief engraving techniques. Since its founding in 1954, Madern experienced extensive growth in the rotary converting market for paperboard packaging. That growth was mainly due to the increasing scope of national and international customers covering industries of diverse character.

About Weidenmiller
Established in 1903, Weidenmiller Company represents four generations of cookie and cracker designers and die roll makers. Weidenmiller Company manufactures 2D and 3D specialty dies in Itasca, Illinois. The Design and Die Development Group creates a precision prototype mold prior to engraving. Over 12,000 designs, shapes and configurations are accessible for marketing concepts for cookies, crackers, snacks, flat breads, dog bones, hard candies, chocolate centers and additional grain-based products.

Contact: William Perez
Chief Operating Officer

 (919) 355-1600


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