New developments

Madern has been able to successfully deliver rotary cutting and creasing tools for general folding boxes for many years. The focus was mainly on the packing for product for the beer industry, breakfast cereals and fast food industry mostly in recycled board. Mainly because of the high output and long lifetimes and for sure suitable quality in even recycled abrasive board types. In addition a rotary tool set can be prepared outside the machine thus having a quick start up, compared to a flatbed machinery.

The constant and high quality output Madern tools deliver in virgin folding box (FBB) board has always been a great opportunity in the high end packaging for our customers. In this prospective we are delighted we have being asked to deliver rotary tooling for creasing, cutting & perforation high quality boxes for the top end coffee market. We can announce this has being successfully executed especially due to the good cooperation with our customer and the board supplier.

Who is next to challenge us and being successful in this new opportunity?

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