Madern is a multifaceted company with craftsmanship as the starting point. The family owned dutch company finds its origin in flat and relief engraving techniques. Since its founding in 1954, Madern experienced extensive growth as a toolmaking company. That growth was mainly due to the increasing scope of national and international customers covering industries of diverse character. Madern developed itself in the manufacturing of high-end tooling.

Over the past years Madern became a global leading group of international toolmaking companies with the focus on rotary converting tools and solutions for the cardboard packaging industry. The Madern Group consists out of: Madern International, Madern USA, Madern ASIA, Evers International, AJB Instrument.

With their dedicated staff of engineers, craftsman and service the Madern Group supplies and support their customers with custom-made high-quality products and services around the world.

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Fields of work

Rotary converting products
Madern is a manufacturer of custom-made rotary converting tools, machines and solutions for the global cardboard packaging industry.
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Engraving specialist
Madern is an expert in flat en relief engraving for all kind of industries and consumer applications.
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Special products and services
The Madern Group manufactures various products and services by means of contract work.
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The Madern Group

Madern International 
Head office: global sales and service
Machine park / Engraving facilities / R&D

Madern ASIA
Sales and service: Asian market

Madern USA
Sales and service: North-American market
Machine park

Evers International
Sales and service: Evers products
Machine park / Engineering / Support

AJB Instrument
Sales and service: AJB products
Machine park / Support

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