Weidenmiller Company

Since 1903, The Weidenmiller Company represents four generations of cookie and cracker designers and die roll makers. One-hundred years later, Weidenmiller Company continues rolling out the dies that create a wide variety of edible delights for Butter, Girl Scout, Windmill and Chocolate Fudge cookies: Maria Biscuits, Ice cream wafers, Captain Wafers®, Graham, Ritz® and Saltine crackers. For the canines, dog bones, turkey legs and pork chop designs are popular. Hard candies such as Lemon Head®, Red Hots® and Slo Poke suckers® have also originated from Weidenmiller die rolls.

The success and reputation of the Weidenmiller product line affords each customer the ability to recognize changes in the Marketplace by utilizing state of the art technology. Each product is skillfuly designed and manufactured by dedicated employees with the knowledge, expertise and professional skills to exceed each customer's expectations.

With our dedicated staff of engineers, craftsmen and manufacturing personnel, Weidenmiller supports our customers with high quality products and services around the world.

In 2018, The Weidenmiller Company became part of the Madern Group consisting of Madern International B.V., Madern USA, Madern ASIA, Evers International and AJB Instrument B.V.

Fields of Work

Weidenmiller is a multifaceted company with craftsmanship as the starting point. This Die roll company finds its origin in engraving and embossing techniques. Since its founding in 1903, Weidenmiller experienced extensive growth in the baked goods industry. That growth was mainly due to the increasing scope of national and intenrational customers covering industries of diverse character.

Over the past years Weidenmiller has become an industry leader, creating quality tools for the baked goods industry. Weidenmiller is part of The Madern Group consisiting of Madern International B.V., Madern USA, Madern ASIA, Evers International, AJB Instrument B.V. and Weidenmiller Company.

With their dedicated staff of engineers, craftsman and service Weidenmiller supplies and supports their customers with custom-made high quality products around the world.


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