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Consumer engraving applications

The special skills of the engraving craftsmanship are the roots of Madern. Browse trough our collection of custom-made engraved products, as to get an impression of the endless posibilities. Explore Madern custom-made products and designs for consumer applications, such as name plates, trophies and art.


Specifications machinery

Our machinery consists of the most advanced CNC engraving- and milling machines, laser machines and digital printers.

CNC Engraving machines:
Engraving range : 3000 x 1250 mm
1220 x 610 mm

Laser Engraving machines:
Engraving range: 1000 x 610 mm
350 x 100 mm
150 x 150 mm

1630 mm wide on roll and plate
maximum plate thickness 13 mm
720 mm on a roll


Sustainable development goals with rotary converting solutions

At Madern we see an increase in the demand for cardboard packaging. Many manufacturers of food and beverage transition from plastic and aluminum to carton - a more eco-friendly way of packaging. There is a growing focus on sustainability and overall reduction in the use of plastic. Our rotary conver...

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