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The Madern universal infeed unit

We have developed the universal infeed system for a smooth transfer of the board from the upstream equipment (printing press or unwinder) into the Rotary Die Cutter (RDC). We have a universal modular in-feed unit for web width between 750 and 1750 mm. Speed up to 600 meters per minute.

In addition, the in-feed will ensure a proper preparation of the board before going into the RDC. The in-feed station is a multi-functional unit, which receives a web (printed or unprinted) and guides it into the first station of the rotary die-cutter by means of a servo driven pull roller with a pneumatically controlled nip roller.


Depending on the requirements the following functions or combination can be used

  • Web guiding, to align the web before going into the RDC. We make use of the well-known brands.
  • Depending on your wishes we can use a single edge, double edge, manual, automatic or line sensor system.
  • Dancer roller system to ensure a constant web tension especially during start up and slow down.
  • A post press de-curler system to straighten the blanks coming out of the RDC. This can be done manually or automatically. In the last case we use the diameter signal of the unwinder thus increasing the de-curl towards the end of the reel.
  • In the infeed system we integrate the sensor of the register system.
  • With the pull roller section we can control the web tension to control the registration.
  • To avoid any damage to the rotary cylinders the web cutter can cut the web through in case of a jam up.

Basic execution of the in-feed unit, consisting of

  • Rigid frame structure.
  • Servo driven pull roller with a pneumatically controlled nip roller.
  • Manual web feeding system through the complete infeed unit.
  • Electrical equipment & integrated operator console. (HMI)
  • Maximum cable length 40 meters.

Optional equipment for in-feed unit

  • Dancer roller.
  • Control of constant web tension, especially during start up and stopping of the line.
  • Automatic post press de-curl.
  • Adjustment based upon reel diameter unwinder, signal to be supplied by unwinder supplier. (In addition to a pre-press de-curler)
  • Lateral web guide system.
  • Walk-over frame with in-feed roller. (interface with printing press or unwinder)
  • Web guide mounted under walk-over frame.
  • Standard with “Fife” web guide with single web edge sensor (manual positioning). Other web guide brands and types upon request.
  • Web cutting and clamping unit.
  • Cuts and clamps the web in case it is activated.
  • Activated in case of an emergency stop, web break or board jam.
  • Including necessary detector sensors.
  • Protects the tools in the die-station. (avoiding board wrap around the tool)
  • Cross bar with brackets for positioning the register sensor. Type of in-setter system similar to the printing press.


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