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Rotary creasing tools for other applications

Madern offers you premium quality custom-made rotary creasing tools in various executions, shapes, sizes and performances for the production of other packaging.

Custom made rotary creasing tools to fulfill your wishes

The final choice of the creasing principle, the material and specifications depends on your wishes and needs, the application, the required tool performance and the characteristics of the used paperboard. Creasing tools can be delivered as solid, fully segmented or a combination of both.

Get in touch with our experts for your best rotary solution

Madern creasing tools are the best technical and most competitive solutions for your application. Let our team of experts provide you with comprehensive technical advice and support, to commission and deliver your next custom-made rotary creasing tools for other packaging.



Please contact us, so we can tell you all about the technical possibilities of our converting solutions for your specific application.


Please contact us, so we can tell you all about the options & applications. We already have extensive experience with applications such as.:

Cardboard (organic, recycled, coated, finished, laminated, bleached)
>200 grams per square meter
Used for all kinds of packaging application in the tobacco, liquid and general folding industry.

Paper (organic, recycled, coated, finished, bleached)
<160 grams per square meter
Used for application such as tobacco soft packs.

Film (polyethylene, polypropylene, bi-oriented polypropylene, polyester)
Used for application such as labels, pat coating and artificial grass.

Used for application such as coffee pads, handkerchiefs, hygienic pads and diapers.

Used for application such as yoghurt lids.


Sustainable development goals with rotary converting solutions

At Madern we see an increase in the demand for cardboard packaging. Many manufacturers of food and beverage transition from plastic and aluminum to carton - a more eco-friendly way of packaging. There is a growing focus on sustainability and overall reduction in the use of plastic. Our rotary conver...

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