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Rubber pins

Rubber pins

We want to inform you about the unique rubber pins Madern introduced for its rotary dies. Although the rubber pins are only tiny parts in our rotary dies, it offers big advantages for you. The rubber pins enable proper release of potential sticky parts in the product area. Placing these special rubber pins in the receiving holes prevents the accumulation of dust or waste. The pins do not require the use of any glue, because they are self-tightening and based on friction. In case of replacement of a rubber pin, the old one can be taken out and quickly replaced with a new one. In addition, each size of rubber pins have a unique color, which increases visibility and enables clear distinction of the pin size. The rubber pins have been successfully tested in practice as waste ejector pins and as filling for stripping pin receiving holes. For insertion and removal of the pins we can supply a special tool.

Please refer to the article list below:

Rubber ejector 1.2 mm Red MI-004513
Rubber ejector 1.7 mm Green MI-004514
Rubber ejector 2.0 mm Blue MI-004515
Rubber ejector 2.2 mm Light grey MI-004516
Rubber ejector 3.2 mm Orange MI-004517
Rubber ejector 4.2 mm Yellow MI-004518
Rubber ejector 5.2 mm White MI-004519
Rubber ejector 6.2 mm Dark grey MI-004520
Connector tools in leather case MI-004536
Removal set rubber ejector


Our recommendation is to order a set of spare ejectors, connectors and removal tools together with the reconditioning. Each new tool will logically also be equipped with the new ejectors.