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Sustainable development goals with rotary converting solutions

At Madern we see an increase in the demand for cardboard packaging. Many manufacturers of food and beverage transition from plastic and aluminum to carton - a more eco-friendly way of packaging. There is a growing focus on sustainability and overall reduction in the use of plastic. Our rotary conver...

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De natuurlijke oplossing tegen Corona! Voorkomt besmetting door bacteriën en virussen, in 30 minuten  is 99,9 % vernietigd. Veiligheid voor nu en in de toekomst!      ...

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Close and fruitful cooperation with Elopak leads to more sustainable beverage cartons

Madern has been supporting Elopak in its core business for 25 years: the production of liquid packaging board. For instance, Madern provides the rotary solutions for the cutting and forming operations of liquid packaging board. These ensure that the printed rolls of packaging board that enter Elopak...

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A unique solution at the boundaries of technical feasibility for Printpak

Over 10,000 kilometers away from Madern's headquarters, in Nairobi, Kenya, you will find the premises of Printpak, a manufacturer of various types of packaging. Despite the long distance between the two company premises, the collaboration between Madern and Printpak is pretty good. "There is always ...

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