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Fast converting/Production for fast food packaging

Large international fast food companies like McDonalds, KFC and Burger King will always be looking for best price against quality and trend. Rotary equipment from Madern will be, for sure, the best economic option to achieve these both goals. To emphasize this case we see positive developments in a global approach in redesign of the… Continue reading Fast converting/Production for fast food packaging

August 31, 2021 learn more

Engraving specialist

Madern is an all-around specialist in the field of engraving techniques, including relief engraving. Despite the shift in the core business to the manufacturing of rotary tools and converting solutions for the cardboard packaging industry, Madern still cherish its engraving department and maintains it’s status as engraving specialist. Madern works on small, big and complex… Continue reading Engraving specialist

May 27, 2021 learn more

Happy Easter

Easter Holidays are coming and where we as Madern normally give that a start with a joint Easter breakfast, this is unfortunately not possible this year. Although this year it may be different for everyone, we want to wish you some great days. We would like to inform you that our Dutch office will be… Continue reading Happy Easter

April 1, 2021 learn more

Madern precautions in relation to the Corona virus

Dear Valued customer, We would like to ensure you that we have taken all possible precautions  to ensure our services to you. Of course taking the safety of our employees into account and reduce the chance of further spreading of the virus as much as possible. The biggest change is that we have split the… Continue reading Madern precautions in relation to the Corona virus

December 15, 2020 learn more

RiRo, the next generation Rotary Die Cutters

We present to you our latest roll in / roll out RDC concept for 1450 mm wide web converting applications for a.o. liquid packaging and general folding packaging: The Madern Rotary Die-cutter RiRo-L 1450. RiRo overall advantages Lower initial machine investmentHigh performance High overall efficiency Ergonomic, user-friendly Low maintenance Shorter job change-over times Off line… Continue reading RiRo, the next generation Rotary Die Cutters

January 7, 2020 learn more

New developments

April 2019 Rotary Die Cutting industry Madern is at the cutting edge of the rotary die cutting industry. Our custom-made rotary dies are made to convert web-fed paperboard for: general folding, liquid packaging and tobacco packaging markets. Packaging applications include beverage cartons, breakfast cereals, coffee cups, fast food clam shells, consumer edibles, food service products,… Continue reading New developments

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Madern Group Expands Footprint in the USA

October 2018 Madern Investments USA GP Welcomes Weidenmiller Company ITASCA, IL – Madern Group announced that it has acquired Weidenmiller Co., a rotary tool and die manufacturer to the cookie, cracker, snack and pet foods industries. The purchase will expand The Madern Group’s footprint in the USA; with Weidenmiller Co., Evers LLC and Madern USA… Continue reading Madern Group Expands Footprint in the USA

October 11, 2018 learn more

‘LED’ it be RiRo

May 2017 RiRo facelift Eventhough it is a young and state of the art machine, we haven given the RiRo a facelift. We equipped the RiRo with transparent roller doors on the operator and drive side. Furthermore the infeed and outfeed side are provided with windows for a better view on the machine whilst in… Continue reading ‘LED’ it be RiRo

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26 Million Rotations

October 2016 Satisfied customer  26 Millions Rotations achieved with a Madern Tobacco Tool! Finally our customer will send the tool back for a cylinder reconditioning. This is the news we received last week from a satisfied customer.

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Rubber pins

We want to inform you about the unique rubber pins Madern introduced for its rotary dies. Although the rubber pins are only tiny parts in our rotary dies, it offers big advantages for you. The rubber pins enable proper release of potential sticky parts in the product area. Placing these special rubber pins in the… Continue reading Rubber pins

January 7, 2015 learn more

60th Anniversary of Madern

March 2014 60 years ago 60 years ago the company ‘Madern Graveerindustrie en Gereedschappenfabriek B.V.’ was founded by the parents of J.H.R. Madern on the 19th of March 1954. They have created the solid foundations of our current enterprise. Engraving Madern started off as a company for flat and relief engraving techniques for nameplates, lay-outs… Continue reading 60th Anniversary of Madern

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Madern Group acquires AJB Instrument B.V.

September 2013 Madern Group acquires AJB Instrument B.V., September 2013 Mid 2013 Madern Group acquired AJB Instrument B.V. in Rozenburg (The Netherlands) with the aim to merge technological knowledge and craftsmanship to become a supplier of innovative solutions for the manufacturing of instruments, tooling and machinery of the future. for more information about AJB… Continue reading Madern Group acquires AJB Instrument B.V.

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