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General Folding Cartons

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The global folding carton industry, valued at over $75 billion, plays a pivotal role in the packaging sector. Crafting recyclable products from materials like paper, carton board, and cardboard, folding carton manufacturers create packaging solutions that both protect and promote their contents. Madern is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to high-speed equipment tailored for folding carton applications, be it for stacking, feeding folder gluers, or handling finished goods.

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Folding cartons

Folding cartons can be produced through web and sheet-fed methods, demanding flexibility to accommodate everything from small cup blanks to large CPG cartons, and even direct food contact "Not At Home" fast food containers. Our vast experience in manufacturing rotary tooling has garnered us a global reputation, particularly in the realm of general folding packaging. With a diverse range of applications, folding cartons span three main categories:

  • Food: Including pizza boxes and French fry cartons.
  • Feed: Covering various pet food packaging needs.
  • Non-food: Encompassing packaging for pharmaceuticals and courier envelopes.
folding cartons

All general folding solutions

  • Rotary die solutions
  • Spreader / Askew
  • Stacking
  • Stack Handling
  • Stack Palletizing
  • i-Loader Sorter
  • i-Loader Feeder
  • i-Feeder
  • i-Pack
  • CiM
  • Case Logistics
  • Case Palletizing
  • Pallet Logistics

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If you're interested in discovering how Madern can assist you in crafting general folding packaging solutions, we invite you to explore our website further or reach out to our expert team. Your success is our priority, and we're here to help you achieve your packaging goals.