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Inspection visits

Madern's maintenance services are tailored to ensure the peak performance of your machines, each with its unique lifespan. For businesses with their in-house maintenance departments, we offer our expertise when they need it. Companies without their maintenance teams can request inspection visits. You'll receive a comprehensive inspection report detailing our findings. Our maintenance goal is to detect wear and anticipate potential failures early, optimizing system availability and performance.

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Maintenance contracts

To further support your maintenance needs, we provide maintenance contracts where we inspect the entire installation for a fixed price and you will receive priority support. If you have a need for an inspection for the robot parts as well, we can arrange bringing a third-party expert on our inspection visit who focuses on the robot. Clients with maintenance contracts receive priority attention.

For RiRo, Revo or M-Line machines, our process involves the capability for processing re-segmentations, modifications, repair or reconditioning for punching, creasing, cutting or embossing cylinders in our factory with a minimum of downtime. In order to avoid production interruptions, we work proactively in order to maintain a set of spare cylinders for quick replacements as needed.

Preventive maintenance packages

Madern also offers preventive maintenance packages designed to keep your equipment in top condition year-round. Preventive maintenance is a worthwhile investment, designed to keep your equipment operational and extend its lifespan, sparing you from corrective maintenance efforts. Trust Madern to provide comprehensive support for your maintenance needs, ensuring your equipment's reliability and longevity.

In need of maintenance?

We can inspect your installation and will make sure you will receive a detailed inspection report. Interested in a maintenance contract to receive prior support? Contact Simone!