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Our ambition is to be your innovation partner in sustainable Rotary Converting solutions.


Madern Group wants to maintain continuity by sustainable growth in fabricating innovative high performance and competitve Rotary Tooling and Machinery engineered for graphic- and packaging industries and precision parts to high-end industries.


Madern Group strives to be your company for graphic- and packaging industries for high performance and innovative Rotary Tooling and Machinery, combined with an excellent cost of ownership for its customers.

Core values:

  • Innovative high performance Rotary Tooling and Machinery.
  • Excellent cost of ownership.
  • Motivated, capable and highly educated employees and partners.
  • Pleasant and healthy working environment.
  • Total controllability of in-house fabricated Tooling and Machinery.



Family owned Dutch company

Madern is a multifaceted company with precision and superior craftsmanship at its core. The family owned Dutch company originated as an engraving specialist. After being founded in 1954, Madern experienced extensive growth as a toolmaking company. That growth was mainly due to increasing national and international customer demand from a wide range of industries. Madern developed its core competency in the manufacturing of high-end web-fed rotary die tooling for the paperboard converting industry.

Rotary converting solutions

Madern Group of companies provide international rotary converting solutions for the general folding, liquid packaging, and bakeries.

The Madern Group consists of the following companies:

Madern International B.V. (HQ) (Vlaardingen, The Netherlands) makes custom-made rotary dies to convert web-fed paperboard for: general folding, liquid packaging and tobacco packaging markets. This location is also the base for R&D and system engineering

Madern USA Inc.(Apex, NC) makes custom-made rotary dies to convert web-fed paperboard for: general folding, liquid packaging and tobacco packaging markets.

Madern ASIA Ltd. (Hong Kong) Sales and service office emphasize its commitment to the Asian continent to serve all Rotary tool requirements.

Evers International LLC (New Jersey, USA) focusses predominantly on custom-made rotary dies for liquid packaging operations.

Weidenmiller Company (Chicago, USA) specializes in rotary molders and rotary cutters for general baking and the exploding pet-food manufacturing market.

AJB Instrument B.V. (Rozenburg, The Netherlands) offers specialistic engravings know-how and craftmanship to various markets within the high-precision engineering industry.


It started with engraving

In April 1954, J. Madern started a local business ‘Madern Graveerindustrie NV’ in his small garage at the Adriaan Pauwstraat in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. Specialized in flat and relief engraving techniques for nameplates, layouts of control panels and stamps for the steels, soap and tin industry.



Specialization in engraving leads to expansion

In a fast changing world J. Madern and his wife continued to develop themselves as engraving specialists. After a period of expansion and entering the national market, Madern needed more space and a comprehensive machinepark. He started a construction project for a new building at the Azaleastraat, Vlaardingen (NL).


Extension to embossing and punching tools

Eventually Madern grew into a major and international player in the engraving industry, with its focus on special engraving techniques. High-end tools like die-cast moulds, injection moulds, embossing punches, tyre patterns and can stamps are a brief overview of the many complicated products that were engineered and manufactured.



The introduction rotary tools

In 1985, the company was handed over to J.H.R. Madern Junior and relocated to a bigger industrial site at the James Wattweg in Vlaardingen (NL). During the same period, Madern developed special skills for the engraving of rotary tools for various industries, such as pastry and biscuits dies, rotary tools for labels and finally also rotary dies for the cardboard packaging industry.


Expansions and the development of converting solutions

J.H.R. Madern continued the tradition of his parents while building modern facilities and developing innovative products for rotary tooling and converting solutions. An important mile stone was the construction of the new production facility in 1995 and its extension in 2001, where the company’s head office is still established.


A machine park for the North American market

In 1997, Madern USA Inc. Was established to serve the local North American market.


Expanding to serve the liquid packaging industry

At the end of 2005, Madern acquired Arthur J. Evers Corporation and re-named it Evers International LLC. Evers served the liquid packaging industry for more than 4 decades and with this consolidation of know-how and experience the presence of Madern in the liquid packaging industry was completed.


Confirming commitment to all rotary tools for USA cardboard packaging industry

With the opening of a brand new production facility in October 2006 in Apex NC, Madern confirmed its commitmentt to the American continent to manufacture and serve all rotary tool requirements for the local cardboard packaging industry.


Expansion to Asia

In 2008, Madern Asia Limited was established to serve the growing Asian market.


Sustaining the promise to serve the Asian market

With the relocation to Hong Kong, Madern confirm its commitment to the Asian continent to serve all rotary tool requirements for the tobacco cardboard packaging industry.


Expanding to markets within high-precision engineering industry

There have been a number of strategic acquisitions from 2004 until today, with the acquisition of AJB Instrument B.V. Madern current focus is to expand horizons and offer specialistic engravings know-how and craftsmanship to various markets within the high-precision engineering industry.


Extension rotary converting solutions for food packaging and liquid packaging

Weidenmiller Company established in 1903, represents four generations of cookie and cracker designers and die roll makers.
The Madern tooling group of companies provide rotary converting solutions for the general folding, liquid packaging and bakeries.