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Rotary die solutions


The Madern Revo-line die-cutter

The Madern Revo-Line rotary die-cutter is a very versatile, operator-friendly die-cutting concept. The Revo-Line derives from the previous series of successful Madern rotary die-cutters and customers input. Therefore we are convinced this die-cutter is ‘the one all converters are talking about’. 

Modular design

The modular design of the Revo-Line allows the converter to choose from a wide range of options to customize the unit to its own needs, specifications and budget. The Revo-Line is available as a single converting station using combined rotary cutting and creasing converting tools and can be extended up to 4 stations for separate cutting, creasing, embossing, punching and perforating operations.

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Material use

The Revo-Line distinguishes itself in the choice of material. The base frame is manufactured from a special stone cast material, which is less sensitive to temperature changes, compared to cast steel or iron. The special stone cast material will reduce vibrations drastically, because of its damping and absorbing characteristics. The base frame can be mounted on special high precision linear guide rails allowing motorized lateral settings of each individual converting station. The base plate of the top frame is also made from the same stone cast material. The removal of the top frame from the base frame can be fully manually or optionally automatically locked by means of heavy duty magnets which are incorporated in the base frame.

Each converting station of the Revo-Line rotary die-cutter is provided with the latest servo drive technology. The converting tools are directly driven by means of a fixed position motor gear and are engaged with the drive toolfree.

The Revo-Line rotary die-cutter is fully enclosed, reducing noise and dust coming into the pressroom and optimizing safety for the operators. The wide doors on operator and drive side allow convenient and easy access for change-overs and maintenance. The sliding roof doors can be fully opened to load the converting tools from the top.

Technical specifications


Final specifications may vary from the list above, due to board, volumes, applications & developments

Up to 430 mm (19,9″)

650 mm (25,6”) – 1050 mm (41,3″)

Mechanical up to 400 m/min (1300 ft/min)

Modular die stations for cutting, creasing, embossing, punching and stripping.

Advice and support from the experts

Let our team of experts provide you with comprehensive technical advice and support, to commission and deliver your next custom-made rotary die-cutting solutions.