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i-Loader Feeder

Boost your gluer capacity

Madern can fully automate your folder gluer feeding processes. Load stacks into your folder gluer directly from a conveyor, or even unload stacks from pallets! Check out all the i-Loader Feeder specifications below.

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i-Loader Feeder specifications

Increase the capacity of your folder gluer up to 15%

Load directly into the existing hopper or onto a feeding belt

Use the face up – face down function

Re-align stacks before placing stacks into the hopper

Innovative stack handling

Folder Gluer loading

Sheet Handling for standard slip sheets (intermediate sheets) during stack unloading from pallets

Perfect realignment of stacks ensures Folder Gluer uptime

Are you interested in one of our i-Loader Feeders?

Make sure that you have a Madern i-Loader Feeder to optimize your packaging stream. Get in contact with Sjaak, we would love to help.