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Automated case packing with up to 10% greater cartons per case

Pack folded and glued cartons into cases. This system can be programmed to pack as much as 10% more packages in a case at the highest speeds and highest quality. Optimum opening case fluff and carton opening force can be achieved. Check out all the i-Pack specifications below.

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i-Pack specifications

Receives packages from the folder gluer in 1 single lane

Shingle belt directs packages to the stacker

Exact carton quantities are controlled and set as batches in a vertical stacker

Stacks of perfect count are then picked by a robot, and inserted into the case

Optimal case alignment is achieved with no blank position error

Eliminates downstream staffing required to check/fix case load

Accurate carton count

Fully automated solution, including empty case infeed and set up

Can handle a wide variety of product

Short change-over time

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