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Automatically build perfect pallets of your blanks

The Madern palletizer can handle short run jobs requiring quick changeovers, and operate at the maximum press speed. Eliminate the speed constraint, personnel expense and safety issues caused by manual take-off of one or even several stack catchers. Madern can fully automate palletizing your stacks of blanks into any pallet pattern. To ensure the best quality, this can be used with any combination of Madern's equipment downstream. And, at the same time, this system is also compatible with any third party’s upstream equipment.

Get your Stack Palletizing solution

Stack Palletizing specifications

Small size stacks to Large Stacks

Easily programmable for a multitude of jobs

Automatic empty pallet dispenser, and full pallet handling

Use in-line with Madern stacker system and even downstream automatic stack de-palletizer.

Are you interested in one of our Stack Palletizing solutions?

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